DCG has been serving Fortune 500 companies for 30 years

Today's customer is overwhelmed by the number of choices where to do their business, but one way to win a repeat-customer is with exceptional customer service. A two-way radio communication solution empowers the employee with the ability to accurately answer a question, verify inventory, request store maintenance or make a call in an emergency situation. With the touch of a button, DCG can create a system that will allow you to link multiple teams securely across your network; giving you the ability to deliver communications wherever you go, from warehouse to point of sales.

DCG has designed and provided custom communication solutions for the commercial industry for more than 30 years. Our technicians collectively have more than 200 years of experience to offer a full system design that includes: engineering, installation, repair service and ongoing technical support.

When it’s essential for your team or department to have secure, reliable, and efficient two-way communications, DCG is there to help. Contact our communication experts today to discuss your requirements.


Educational institutions are relying on communication systems more now than ever before, not just for security, but for overall efficiency in student management services.


As one of the largest providers of two-way radios and unified communication systems for the utilities sector, we offer full system design, engineering, installation, repair service, and ongoing technical support.


Communication systems are never more critical than in public safety. DCG can analyze your operation and customize a solution that achieves the results you need to enhance the safety of patrons and first responders.