DCG provides reliable, multi-network systems so personnel have real-time information to make split-second decisions 

Law enforcement, fire, emergency medical services and command centers all rely on communications to increase their situational awareness in order to make more informed decisions. DCG has designed and provided communication solutions for the public safety sector for more than 30 years. We pride ourselves on delivering superior client service and implementation.

Long-standing partnerships with Hytera Communications, JVC/Kenwood and Otto Engineering allow us to create a variety of communication solutions utilizing the latest and most advanced technology. As one of the largest providers of two-way radios and unified communication systems, our collaborative approach includes engineering, installation, repair, and technical support services.

Whether tracking personnel through smoke or dispatching for additional services, DCG will provide you with the solution you need for your team to respond with the right tools to save lives, protect the public and keep personnel safe. DCG focuses on designing responsive, secure systems tailored to meet the needs of each client. Our dedicated team of highly trained professionals designs custom communication systems for:

  • Law Enforcement: First responders in unpredictable circumstances need a quality, clear, real-time communication solution to make important split-second decisions.
  • Fire and Rescue: First responders who work in some of the most difficult of environments, need quality equipment to stand up to extreme elements with reliable functionality so they can stay safe and bring others to safety.
  • Command Centers: Government officials work with local first responders in disaster situations and require equipment that works seamlessly across a network so the focus remains on furthering a positive outcome and not the lack of communication.



We are renowned for our world-class service and implementation. Our experience with the world’s largest airlines, ground support operators, and airports has made us an industry leader in aeronautical radio communications. 


Renowned for our world-class service and implementation, our long-standing partnerships with Hytera Communications and JVC/Kenwood are what allow us to create multi-layered communication systems utilizing the newest and most efficient technology on the market.


In this fast-paced industry, hotels, resorts and entertainment venues all rely on seamless and discreet communication that is efficient while not interfering with the guest-experience. It is essential to have a reliable communications solution to properly meet the needs of your consumers.