DCG helps you stay focused on positive guest experiences

For more than 30 years DCG has designed and provided radio communication solutions for restaurants, resorts, hotels and entertainment venues. In the hospitality industry, companies rely on seamless and discreet communication that protects the guest experience. DCG focuses on providing exceptional customer service that is prompt, efficient and designs secure systems tailored to meet the needs of each client.

Long-standing partnerships with Hytera Communications and JVC/Kenwood allow us to create a variety of communication solutions utilizing the latest and most advanced technology. Our systems deliver service and cost efficiency - and allow you to provide the best in guest safety and security.


As one of the largest providers of two-way radios and unified communication systems for the transportation and logistics sector, we offer full system design, engineering, installation, repair service, and ongoing technical support.


Communication systems are never more critical than in public safety. DCG can analyze your operation and customize a solution that achieves the results you need to enhance the safety of not just patrons but your first responders as well.


You’ll see DCG systems implemented in retail businesses and other global commercial enterprises to increase efficiency, reduce risk, and improve safety. Discover how we're helping these businesses get more out of their wireless communications.